Marketers Interests

Christine Champagne, a contributor to Fast Company, shares the results of a study about the interests of those that work in marketing, as compared to the interests of those that don’t – let’s call them the ‘real people’ of the world.  That’s not to say that marketers are not real people – just that for the sake of this discussion, the job of marketers is to create marketing that gets non-marketers into stores, buying products, recognizing brands, and “liking” brands, both in the Facebook way and the literal way.  It’s the ‘real people’ marketers need to reach.

The gist of the article is that advertising and marketing professionals are way more into social media, way more aware of specific marketing campaigns, and way more likely to act inappropriately at work-related parties.

Champagne says:

You wonder, are civilians as active on social media and as inclined to pay attention to what brands are doing on Twitter, and is the rest of the world as preoccupied with that award-winning ad campaign that industry types can’t stop talking about?

The unsurprising answer is no . . .

While I agree with her that the answer is unsurprising, I seriously wonder why this disparity isn’t taken more seriously.  Companies pay big money to agencies to create award-winning marketing campaigns, and I think the results of this study show that the digital media shove that agencies are giving brands may not be based on the real desires of consumers.  I do believe that the digital world is a highly important one for brands, but if I were a brand looking for marketing advice, I’d insist on real relevance.  It’s not enough to jump on the Facebook or Twitter bandwagon just to say you’ve done it.  You have to have something real to offer the ‘real people,’ or they aren’t going to pay attention.


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