An Example of Mobile & Social Marketing Relevance

Yesterday, I commented on an article about the interests of marketers, and how they differ from the interests of average consumers.  I said relevance and value for consumers should be the driving factors for a brand engaging in the digital space.  AmEx just announced the release of a new “My Offers” feature in its iPhone app that does just that, and will be tested in New York and LA.  The new feature takes advantage of the current deals craze spawned by the likes of Groupon, but does so using real consumer purchase history to target offers that are relevant to the cardholder.  This is a perfect example of a company using not only digital technologies, but also “big data” to serve its customers.  In addition to the obvious consumer appeal, the service will provide analytics to merchants that provide offers, which will allow them to understand the effectiveness of their campaigns and optimize them over time.  The AmEx solution addresses the entire ecosystem, and as such it is easy to see the company becoming the leader in the offers space.

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