Leaderboard for Social Brand Advocacy platform

This mockup of a leaderboard for a fictitious social brand advocacy platform illustrates a number of gamification and design concepts:


  • Leaderboard screen includes a display pane to show profile information for the selected individual.  Breaking the screen up and adding more graphical elements makes it nicer to look at compared to a page with only a lengthy data table.
  • Leaderboard displays logged in user in the middle of a subset of all users on first load.  Leaderboards can be demotivating for users that are far from the top.  The narrowed context minimizes that effect.
  • Filters allow for further granularity in the leaderboard.  Users can see how they fare against others in a given region, among connections, etc.  This also narrows the context of the leaderboard, offering opportunities for the user to appear at the top based on a set of criteria, even if he or she isn’t at the top of the overall list.
  • ‘Find Me’ button makes it easy to return to the logged in user’s spot in the leaderboard after scrolling away to view the profiles of other users.
  • Tabbed content area in user profile section allows for addition of new content/tabs without significant redesign.
  • Ability to view badges and activity of other users can be a motivator to try to earn those badges or emulate that activity.
  • Contact, connect, compete, and collaborate actions in leaderboard table encourage interaction among users.
  • Links to external social media channels helps drive traffic to user’s accounts, potentially increasing their followers and influence.

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